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Bringing the outdoors in
Nature is fantastic for our mental and physical health, and being around plants and animals has many proven benefits, such as reducing stress and increasing oxygen supply.
As society becomes more conscious about living in harmony with the natural world, homeowners, architects, and interior designers everywhere are exploring the concept of biophilic design.
Never heard of it? Biophilic literally means ‘the love of living things’, and it’s all about lessening the divide between artificial environments and the natural world by bringing in the abundant greenery and materials available beyond your front door.
The pandemic created a change in lifestyle and priorities that prompted many of us to appreciate fresh air and green space to a greater degree. How you replicate that freedom inside your home depends on your budget and the amount of time you wish to invest.
On a macro level, this might mean creating a garden or sunroom either by repurposing a space or extending into the garden. Alternatively, large picture windows and glazed doors are great for framing a view and capturing sunlight.
Not much to see outside? If you have a garden or terrace, you could vary your planting scheme to encourage birds and wildlife or set up nesting boxes and feeding stations. Window boxes and windowsill herbs will also help to blur the line between inside and out.
Small details within your home can make a big difference too. Use natural materials, fibres, colours, and prints/patterns whenever possible, whether you’re refitting your kitchen or sprucing up your décor. Of course, if you can introduce plants or even a living wall somewhere in your home (or a courtyard), even better.
Improvements that appeal to buyers' desires can also increase your home's saleability. Even a few tweaks can help viewers appreciate your property's lifestyle, so think light, fresh, serene, and you can’t go far wrong.
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