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Finding a home that is suited to working from home

Are you still working from home?


Since lockdown many of us haven’t returned to the office full time, so has working from home made you rethink where you live?


There has been a definite trend of people now looking at homes further away from their offices than ever before. Previously, people would haven chosen to live within an hours commute of where they worked. Now, with more people only having to visit the office two or three days a week they are looking further afield.  


With flexible working more buyers are now putting having a home office, high speed internet access and a bigger garden as some of their top priorities. 



When working from home it’s important to create a space that works for you. You might consider looking at homes with an extra bedroom. You can easily give your guest room a dual purpose. Let you desk double up as a dressing table and use clever storage to hide any files or folders.


If any extra bedroom pushes your budget to the limit why not look for space that you can turn into a home office zone. Make use of underused spaces in the home like under the stairs or on a landing. There are lots of space saving, slimline and modular furniture that can help you create the perfect place to work.


Why not create a workstation in the kitchen? The kitchen tends to where all the action is so why not create a hub or somewhere that is functional for the whole family to use?


Having a home that can accommodate a comfortable work space as well as the space to relax is key. 


When you purchase your next home will you be looking for a home that is more suited to working from home?