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Home sales figures are looking strong for summer 2023
You are relaxing with a drink in the garden, and the summer scent of flowers and sweet grass mingles with whatever you are cooking on the barbeque. You take a long sigh and feel so happy that you have made the effort to move. Perhaps you have not experienced this feeling for a while. It could be that you are a first-time buyer and are eagerly awaiting this special and unique feeling. As the market stands, there is more than just nice weather and pretty houses to tempt you into moving.

Strong sales
With the UK housing market currently sitting at 500,000 sales, many analysts expect to see these figures rise to more than one million by the end of the year.* This is good news; it means that your home will sell quickly if you put it on the market. And is more proof that the property market is vibrant and far more resilient than the gloomy picture painted by the mainstream media.

The summer rush
Many people are hastily getting on the move in time for summer, not wanting to move during the colder months of winter. Summer is a beautiful time of year to move to your ideal home and is traditionally a busy time of year. For sale signs start appearing as quickly as summer flowers, giving you more choice. But it’s best not to wait for a sign to go up; keep in touch with your friendly agent, as homes can disappear from the market as quickly as they appear. Your agent will alert you the moment the right property for you becomes available.

Surging choice of homes
With 65% more choice in homes than this time last year.* The buying process today is far more enjoyable. You no longer have to worry about making offers over the asking price. From large and small energy-efficient homes that ooze character to new builds, and interesting period properties in a multitude of rural and urban locations, the choice on today’s market is more varied than ever. Homes across the market have undergone a massive amount of improvement during the home improvement boom of recent years. That said, there are plenty of projects waiting for you to put your mark on.

Summer is a great time of year to move
The kids are off school, the days are longer, the weather is not as harsh, and moving your belongings in more clement weather is a nicer experience. It’s also a great time to meet the new neighbours for a drink in the garden or a barbeque after you move in.

Good timing
Timing counts for a lot when it comes to selling your home, and right now the market is a hive of activity. A good agent will have their finger on the pulse and have a buyer waiting for your home to make its appearance on the market.

A vision of summer living
Bright and breezy rooms with seasonal flowers, drinks on the decking as the sun goes down, or the smell of something delicious cooking on the barbeque, or a simple, more compact space with a few candles and soft music soothing you after a hard day’s work are worth making the effort for.

Don’t waste any more time and make your move this summer?

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