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How to find your next home

Before you start searching for your new home, it’s worth taking the time to think about exactly what you’re looking for before you start. How much can you afford? Where do you want to buy? How many bedrooms do you need?


It’s true that properties come in all different shapes and sizes so thinking about what type of house you’re looking for will help you narrow your search.


Are you looking for a detached? Semi-detached? Terraced? Or flat?


Start creating a shortlist of your ideal locations. Think about how long it might take you to get to work? Do you want access to local amenities? Do you want to be close to friends or family? Are there schools close by? Is there a good place to walk the dog?


Next you need to think about how many bedrooms you need and what your budget might be? Talking to a Financial Advisor is always a good way to fully understand what you can afford. If you need help finding a mortgage McFarlane work with a reputable, local financial advisory company who can help you find one.


With most properties listed online, you can start searching knowing roughly what you’re looking for. It also helps to talk to your local estate agents and register your interest as they’ll be first to know what’s about to come on the market.