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How to save energy in your home

According to Ofgem the average household spends £1,254 a year on heating and energy bills. Whether you’re a homeowner, tenant, student, or landlord, there are many things you can do to reduce how much energy you use…


Here are our quick tips on how to save energy in your home.


1. Switch off the lights

It’s that simple. Turn off your lights when you leave the room. You can also replace your light bulbs with low energy LED lights. They use considerably less energy but also last 10-20 times longer. 


2. Avoid leaving things on standby

Try not to leave your appliances in standby mode. Even though they use less energy in standby, they are still using some. 


3. Unplug your phone

Unplug your phone from the charger (and the charger from the wall) when your phone is fully charged.


4. Boiling the kettle

Only fill the kettle with the amount of water that you need - there’s no need to boil a kettle full of water for just one cup of tea!


5. Have more showers

Have a shower rather than a bath - baths tend to use a lot more water compared to a shower. You could even try spending one less minute in the shower each day - if you have a water meter this could save you money off your water bill.


6. Keep the heat in

Nobody likes a draughty home… draught proof your home can not only stop the cold winter air rushing through your home but save you money on your heating bills. 


7. Reduce your heating

Turning down your heating by just one degree can make a big difference to your yearly energy bills. More than half the money spent on fuel bills goes towards providing heating and hot water. Try turning your heating down when you are not at home - there’s no point heating an empty house.


8. Close the curtains

Install thermal curtains and close them at night - this prevents heat loss.