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Is your home winter ready?
As the days get shorter and cooler, the higher usage of energy is unavoidable. Even with the £2,500 average household cap in place, many households are still finding ways to keep their bills as low as possible.
If you have been considering letting out your property, it is important now more than ever to ensure the property is well equipped to save as much energy as it can to attract renters for the winter.
At McFarlane, we understand that many landlords and tenants are working together to solve the problem of energy loss from homes. 

Insulate the property

Heat is easily lost from your home if you fail to insulate the property adequately. Various areas of the property are prone to heat loss. 

Update window and doors

Poorly fitting doors and weather-worn windows are another cause of heat loss within the home.

Cover bare floors

While hardwood and tile floors can look fabulous they also mean cold toes as homes lose their summer heat.
Once you have got your home ready to face the harsh winter and its bills, why not get in touch with our professional agents or simply get a valuation to get started?
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