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Less is more... when it comes to your rental property
These days it seems you can buy taste; the issue arises because everybody has different opinions on what good taste is - what one person loves, another hates! When you decorate you want to attract tenants not repel them!
Here are a few of the most common mistakes you should avoid:


Wallpaper often adds to the visual appeal and the atmosphere of a room. The problem is that some tenants might love it, while others loathe your taste. Walls safely painted in neutral, warm colours creating a feeling of light and space are a much safer bet.

Pictures and ornaments    

Avoid hanging pictures, paintings, prints or placing anything ornamental in your rental property. Often these items have differing emotional and aesthetic connections for individuals, better to just avoid going there!   

Poor quality fixtures and furnishings

It’s so tempting to save money even at the expense of quality. Place yourself in your tenant’s shoes and try to add a feeling of quality with homeliness.

Stay on-trend

If possible, try and avoid anything that looks dated, from shelves, TV’S to flooring. Choose laminate flooring over carpets comprising six different shades.
Source: BriefYourMarket