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Moving home? Who should you tell you've changed address?

If moving home didn’t already give you enough things to think about, once you’ve moved you then have to notify people of your change of address. So who do you need to tell?


We thought we’d give you a little help with our handy checklist…


Local Authority

You will need to let your local authority know that you’ve moved in order for them to update your council tax records. 


Electoral Roll

This is one many people forget. When you move you need to update your details on the electoral register to allow you to be able to vote at your new address.


Redirect your mail

Setting up a redirection for your mail with the post office to your new address will give you a little bit more time to ensure everyone knows you’ve moved. You can usually set the redirect for a specific period of time I.e. six months or twelve months. 


Utility companies

You will need to let your electricity, water and gas providers know as well as your tv, broadband and phone companies too.


Doctors & Dentists

You might be remaining in the same area and therefore staying with your current doctors surgery or dentist - don’t forget you’ll still need to let them know your change of address. If you’re moving to a new area or town you will likely need to register with a new practice. 

It’s likely you’ll need to let your local hospital know too of any changes of address. 


Work & Schools

Don’t forget to tell you employer too. They will need to update your details and will likely inform HMRC for you too (but worth checking). If you’re self-employed you’ll need to let HMRC yourself.

If you have children of school age you’ll need to let them know your latest contact information. 


Your car

When it comes to your car or cars there are quite a few people to tell. First of all let the DVLA know so you can update your driving licence. Tell your insurance company and breakdown cover and finally, don’t forget your log book (V5C). 



Let’s not forget our four legged friends. You will need to update your address at your veterinary practice too.