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Should you sell your property over Christmas?

In the New Year, there will be a rush of people looking to buy or sell.


Following the Christmas season we tend to see an increase in people searching for a new home. Lots of people start searching the Internet in the days that follow Christmas. They have more free time over the festive period so will browse the market, making it a great time to buy or sell.


People see the new year as an opportunity for a fresh start.  Lots of first time buyers are prompted to start their search following one last Christmas at home. Rightmove say that Boxing Day is their busiest all year.


If you are selling your home getting it registered with an estate agent like us in December can mean we are ready to market your property straight away in the new year.


Buyers looking for new homes over the festive period are generally more motivated and have set their mind on buying a property. If their more motivated to move it means you’re more likely to get a quicker sale.


A lot of people think they need to wait until the spring to sell. While Spring does tend to be a popular time to buy and sell it means there’s a lot of competition. Why not get ahead of the game and register your property with us?


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