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Top tips on preparing your house for sale during the school holidays

Preparing your home so that you can create priceless happy memories during the summer months ensures all members of the family are free to roam and play in a safe and fun environment. It also reduces stress levels when younger members of the family spend more time at home and can become a rowdy bunch when not at school. And if like many people, you are considering moving to a better home keeping it in order will help you achieve your moving goals. So here are a few tips to help you make life easier:


Create some space

Moving and rearranging the furniture in your home to make it safer for your little ones to play also helps showcase your indoor spaces for potential buyers. It may also give you some ideas on how to make better use of the rooms in your home while clearing out any no longer needed or tired furniture and other items.


Clean and de-clutter

It's incredible how much space the little things in life take up. From bottles to utensils on kitchen worktops - things that you want to be out of reach of curious children - to old male and the never played with any more toys. Cleaning is something you'll be doing a lot of this time a year, so why not go to town and clear out the cupboard and give everything a good clean? This will make it easier to maintain, and cleaning up after the kids will be much easier. Your home will also look and feel more appealing during viewings


Create a list of activities

By being organised, you can plan your day to fit around viewings. This will help prevent boredom for you and your family! It also gives you the means to plan your day and break different activities into manageable chunks, giving you something to look forward to.


Sort your outdoor spaces

These are hugely important to buyers and they need to be safe with no sharp edges for your buyers family as well as yours. Creating a perfectly amenable family dining area will give you a great place to enjoy happy, alfresco memories. Outdoor spaces should naturally create a seamless flow from indoors to outdoors.


Make the most of your garden

Weeding and lawn cutting are a must to make the most of your garden’s appearance, but no prizes for guessing who will get that responsibility.


Will all this help you sell your home?

Absolutely, it's all about achieving your asking price. And the numbers in property are big, so every little thing you do adds up to make a big difference.



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