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Your moving home checklist

It’s the countdown to moving day and you’re starting to prepare for the big day. Planning and preparation is the key to any move. Here’s our handy checklist to help you through…


6 weeks before you move.

Start de-cluttering. Moving home is the perfect excuse to have a proper clear out of things you never use. 

Notify your landlord. If you are renting give your landlord written notice.

Book a removal company. Removal companies can get booked up quite fast, especially on Fridays and Bank Holidays.

Home insurance. Get your home insurance in place for when you exchange contracts to make sure you are covered. If you're buying a new house, you will likely need buildings insurance as a condition of your mortgage contract.


4 weeks before you move.

Get packing. Make sure you’ve got your boxes ready for packing. Start packing things you won’t be using between now and the move.

Get your post redirected.

Getting your mail re-directed to your new address by Royal Mail. You can set up your redirect in advance of your moving day and for as long as you wish, although 6-12 months is usually sufficient.

Move your TV and broadband.

Most broadband, landline and digital TV providers will allow you to take your existing package with you when you move. You might need to book an engineer to visit your new home so give them plenty of notice.

Tell your utility companies. Notify relevant utilities companies.


2 weeks before you move.

Animals and small children. Moving can be disruptive for pets and small children. Arrange someone to look after them during the actual move. 

Empty the freezer. Don’t let the food in your freezer go to waste. Use up the food in your freezer or ask a friend or neighbour to store it until your appliances are back up and running.  


1 week before you move.

Confirm arrangements. Confirm arrival time and arrangements with your removal company including address and postcode of your new home.

Finish packing. Finish as much of your packing as possible so you have everything ready to go. Cross-reference boxes to rooms.  Don’t forget to check the garden, shed and attic too.

Keys. Collect up all the keys to your current home and label them up.

Tell your friends. Let your friends and family know your moving and your new address.


The day before you move.

Pack your overnight bag. Pack a bag for the night for the whole family so you have your toothbrush, pyjamas, washbag, towels and phone charger handy.

Arrange collection of keys. Ensure you know where and what time you can collect the keys to your new house.


Moving day.

Meter readings. Make sure you record meter readings for water, electricity and gas.

Switch everything off. Check all windows and doors are locked and utilities are switched off.

Removal team. Show your removal team all items that are going and anything that is staying.

Clean. Do a final clean of the house.

Final checks. Walk around your house for a thorough check to ensure you leave nothing behind.