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      Budget-friendly tips on furnishing your rental property

      Furnishing your property can be expensive. And with so many increasing costs to face, you want to...

      Furnishing your property can be expensive. And with so many increasing costs to face, you want to transform your property into a home with as much impact as possible for the least amount of money. If you enjoy creating great interiors, it’s important not to get carried away.. If you find it confusing when choosing furniture for your property, don’t be intimidated; it can be fun.

      Get creative

      From restoring furniture to building it yourself from scratch, there is no end to the things you can do to create your own furniture. Reupholstering dining room chairs and repainting tables can really add to the quality of your property. It may even be less time-consuming than waiting for a new table to be manufactured and delivered, so there’s no reason not to. And while it may take more effort, restoring your own furniture is rewarding and kinder to the environment.

      Be resourceful

      Facebook is full of great furniture available for free or at a very affordable price. Charity shops, antique stores or Gumtree will have what you are looking for. You could make some great finds and add real character to your property. Weathered and rustic furniture is on trend, and in modern settings, it works wonderfully to add a sense of quality and personality that’s universal in its appeal.

      Finer details

      The impact that finer details can create is uncanny. The cracked tile that drags down a nice bathroom. Decent towel racks or some shelving in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedrooms create the opportunity to add more personality with flowers, pictures, candles, or collectables. Updated, energy-efficient appliances can breathe new life into a kitchen and make it more appealing to tenants.

      Consider finance options

      If you insist on buying new, timing can be key to getting a good bargain. January sales or end-of-line special offers can save thousands. There is also the option of 0% financing, so whether you are letting or renting your property, you can pay for your furniture over time, alleviating larger financial burdens.

      Plants and pictures

      Plants add so much vibrancy to any property, but if you are letting a property, you can’t exactly fill it with high-maintenance plants. Opt for a few dried flowers and plants here and there that do not need much TLC can add a homely touch. The same goes for prints or pictures. Your tenant will have their own tastes, but you could get the ball rolling with something small.

      Lighting and mirrors

      Mirrors and good lighting will instantly make your property more appealing because it will look bigger and feel more modern. LED lighting will keep tenants happy by being more energy-efficient and will keep your tenants happy. Mirrors are not expensive and can magically transform a small room into a large room.

      In summary

      The first rule to remember is that there are no rules. Furnish your property using a blend of methods, from sourcing online, restoring to buying new. Do it your own way; use your contacts and creativity to make your property as appealing as possible.

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