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Buyers and sellers need to act now to move in time for Christmas
Homeowners up and down the country are preparing for the pre-Christmas rush, and with the demand-supply imbalance still providing sellers with optimal market conditions, it's likely we'll see a lot more sales to come before the end of 2021.
Every year, buyers and sellers are swept up in a flurry of market activity across autumn, with October standing out as a busy period for selling activity.
Will you be in your new home by Christmas? Here's where you should start:

Ensure the property is sale ready

Your estate agent will be able to tell you if there are any features of your home that might put off potential buyers.
If anything is flagged up, try to get it fixed before your property goes on the market, as doing this will mean you’re more likely to get a speedy sale.

Paperwork at the ready

Ultimately, the quicker that your paperwork is processed by the solicitors, the quicker you can get going.
Hassling with paperwork can slow down the moving process significantly, so pre-empt any requests for certificates or documentation by having it all in one place and ready when called upon.
Likewise, calling ahead to organise van hire or a removals company will ensure there are no issues on the big day itself.

Declutter thoroughly 

With December not far off, it would be a good idea to start sifting through your belongings now to work out what will be going with you and what is no longer wanted or needed.
A clearer space will also make your property pictures more visually appealing and make it that much easier to unpack and set up your new place to feel like home.
If you are looking to sell your home, book your free market appraisal today.
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