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Do you buy a home with your heart or your head?
Logic and emotion are often at loggerheads when it comes to house buying! Entering a house that gives you that special feeling is one of life’s greatest pleasures. You loved the appearance of the house online, and you were not disappointed when you saw it in the cold light of day. You take a step inside, and the magic begins. It all just feels right.
You can see yourself living there, and you have a warm feeling inside your chest as you go from room to room; already, you imagine waking up feeling content in the bedroom because you love the view from the window and the feeling of space. The kitchen is perfect for the entire family, and in your mind, they are already sitting around the table. The fire is so inviting; the garden needs work, but you already have a vision of how to make it splendidly your own.
Despite all of this, you return to your current house, your mind still creating scenarios and teeming with happy images of a better life in a nicer home, and you stop in your tracks. You have run the numbers, and even though logically you can afford to move, the internal battle between your head and your heart begins.
Don’t ignore your head
It’s important that the numbers crunch correctly. You have to be able to afford your new home! But do not become obsessed by what-ifs and market trends. Many people have made the mistake of losing the house they love while waiting to see what happens to house prices, just in case they drop or rise. It really makes very little difference. House prices fluctuate by small amounts in the short term and grow significantly in the long term. The sooner you start paying your mortgage on the property you want, the better. Logically, this will save you more money in the long run.
Listen to your heart
Ultimately, for true home happiness, you have to listen to your heart. Given that you can afford the home you really want, it’s important to open up and tune into your emotions. Learn to trust them; they are there for a reason. Few other events in your life will create such feelings of desire, contentment, safety, passion, happiness, fulfilment, and security. If you are a little scared, that’s perfectly healthy, but do not let it dominate your decision or cloud your logic.
A happy beginning!
There is nothing wrong with allowing your heart to rule your head when it comes to home moving. Just keep the logical stuff simple, and then allow your heart to do the rest. Then, finally, after you have taken the plunge, having not purely based your decision on a mere impulse, you can start making priceless happy memories.
Finding emotional fulfilment in your home is a logical step!
Logically, emotional fulfilment is important financially. The rest of your life will function so much better if you are living in a home that makes you and your family happy. The health benefits that positive emotions bring, not to mention reduced stress levels and quality downtime, will benefit you throughout your entire life.
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