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Dream homes: What does yours look like?

Everybody's house dreams are different. You might just be dreaming of buying a humble terrace house as your first property. On the other hand, maybe you are an experienced property investor and are thinking about something a little more grand. Whether you are renting and want a view of the sea from your perfect cottage or want a large Victorian townhouse, there are many ways to live the dream today. But often, it’s a whole set of reasons that make your dream home just that.

Classical design and features found in a Victorian townhouse are always going to be very different from a contemporary design full of light and glazed walls. Perhaps you want to create a perfectly self-sufficient home that can source all its own energy using solar panels and wind power. That said, these days, you can have both. Taking a classical, older home and transforming it into something special with modern design while paying respect to its original features means you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

A view of the mountains or a sun-kissed cityscape? Maybe you prefer the sea? If you are raising a family, then your proximity to great schools will be at the top of your priority list.

Many home buyers love the idea of living in a quiet English village with the perfect pub within walking distance. Perhaps you want all these things within driving distance of your perfect property?

Interior design
It all depends on your personal taste, but there is no shortage of inspiration and help, from furniture suppliers to interior designers, to inspire you and help you find your niche. If money is not an obstacle, marble is always beautiful and timeless. Real wood can create sophistication, but it is also a safe choice when it is time to sell.

Whichever you choose—a ten-bedroom country home or a two-bedroom terraced house—it's your dream. When it comes to creating the perfect bedrooms, you will want each of them to be unique. And just because you buy a three-bedroom home does not mean it has to stop you from converting one of the bedrooms into a walk-in wardrobe. Perhaps you want the ultimate in comfort by buying a property with a master bedroom complete with an ensuite bathroom.

Whether you want a wet room or a jacuzzi, the infinite number of colour schemes and designs to choose from will keep you busy if you decide to start from scratch. Or you simply love the idea of incorporating some technology into an already stunning bathroom. Sometimes, when you view your perfect home, you instantly know that your personal items and some plants are enough for you to be really happy.

Outdoor spaces
For many home buyers, having a large garden is an integral part of owning their dream property. And if you have enough space, there is very little you can’t do. From adding a gazebo, work-from-home space, and a hot tub to the little things like nice lighting, they all add up to make your dream home something magical.

Personal touches
Your dream home is not yet fully yours until you add your own personality and interests to it. Whether that is a fine art collection, a wine cellar, a gym, or simply nice flowers, plants, and pictures, it’s only when you have added these elements that you have truly moved in.