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Things to consider before putting your home on the market

If you have made the decision to sell your home, chances are you will want to do it swiftly and as smoothly as possible. You probably have so many happy memories from each and every room in your house, yet already you are beginning to see your home in a different light. It’s important to look at your home as a house subjectively and see what you can do to get it sold. 

Combined with this you need to be organised; you don’t want to be delayed – don’t neglect that silly little thing you forgot to do which delays everything by weeks! 

So here is a checklist which you can use as a reminder and a few other things to consider which will help you achieve the best possible price for your home.  


Check out the competition 

Look at what other houses in your area are selling for.  View online most recently sold properties in your post code to give you a good idea of an asking price.  


Everyone has their own unique way of living whether it’s sitting by the fire and knitting or collecting unusual beers. Start decluttering by packing them away now and creating space. An emptier kitchen worktop will make the entire space look bigger and more appealing to potential buyers.   



Have a good spring clean, everything from the fireplace to kitchen tiles and carpets. It all helps make your home more sellable.  



Are there are any small repairs that need doing or scuff marks that need a touch of paint? Perhaps you have some paint leftover in your shed. It will not cost you much, but it will make your home look better and become more resistant to silly offers! 


The garden 

Don’t forget the garden and the front of the house. Are there any bushes or trees that need trimming? Are the windows clean, has the grass been cut? The first thing your buyers will see is the front of the house and first impressions last.  


Make an entrance  

As you enter your home through the front door look at what will greet potential buyers. A nice, presentable, clean and in good condition hall or room or porch will welcome new owners not just viewers.     



You don’t want to be delayed waiting for a gas safety certificate, or any other paperwork - perhaps from building control for any structural work you had carried out. 



Don’t give your solicitors any excuses to delay you! Call them and double check if there is anything you need in terms of conveyancing and paperwork to get the ball rolling.  


Photography/video tours 

Check out your home’s profile once it goes live, check the pictures for accuracy. Once you have done all this your house should look as pretty as a picture and you will soon be on the move for the right price.  


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